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Working as a GISCorps volunteer afforded me the opportunity to aid in relief efforts from a remote location. I feel that I truly made a difference in the recovery effort and would highly recommend signing up to help with this project.

Johnathan Clementi, USA - NAPSG - Hurricane Dorian 

GISCorps remains an awesome and dynamic platform for working towards a sustainable world via spatial intelligence. The experience is worth the time invested.

Imoh Engwoh, Nigeria - Hurricane Barry Situational Awareness

Apply geospatial knowledge to heal the world.

Kennedy Kiema Kandia, Kenya - WHO Kenya Data Cleansing

Volunteering with GISCorps is a great way to use and develop your GIS skills while contributing to a good cause and expanding your network of GIS professionals around the world.

Shannon Cox, Canada - Mountain Rescue Association User Support

It was awesome to use what I do to directly help people get what they need after such a huge disaster.

Konrad Hughes, USA - Camp Fire Damage Data Consolidation

This was a fantastic experience! Great people, fun problem solving, and to top it all off it was for a great cause. I'll definitely be signing up to help out with more GISCorps projects in the future.

Tristan Damron, USA - Camp Fire Damage Data Consolidation

Teaching youth GIS empowers them with essential spatial skills that can be used to make a difference in their community, and the world. Volunteering on this project has been very fulfilling!

Haritha Vendra, USA - KidWorks K-12 Education Mission

The planning, preparation, training, and oversight were superb. Everyone who managed and constructed the project deserves immense praise and I feel honored to have worked alongside so many dedicated volunteers from such a wonderful variety of countries. Many thanks to everyone involved!

Andrew Bley, GISP, USA - Horn of Africa Cross-Border Mapathon

This was an amazing effort of individuals from around the globe with the common purpose of using geospatial technology with data to aid in eradicating the reappearance of a horrible disease – something that in my heart is what we should do with our GIS knowledge and skills in addition to our normal activities – giving back and using them to do good. It brought tears to my eyes to meet everyone who attended our meeting in San Diego! What an honor and a privilege!

Ellen West Nodwell, USA - DRC Polio Eradication

Every little click counts! This dispersed team proves that point... 100's of thousands of structure digitized by volunteers in a few weeks' time. Just amazing!

Carol McClellan, Canada - DRC Polio Eradication

GISCorps gave me an opportunity to use my GIS skills like a superhero would use their superpowers!

Christopher Schuchardt, USA - DRC Polio Eradication

At this point in my life (with a child and a full-time job) I am unable to freely travel or devote lots of continuous hours to a volunteer position, but this project allowed me to provide meaningful help at home on my own schedule.

Jamey Rosen, Canada - DRC Polio Eradication

As someone who had a family member die as a result of polio, it was a good feeling knowing I could help eradicate polio from the DRC.

Kurtis Graham, USA - DRC Polio Eradication

What's is the value of knowledge/skills we acquire during our lifetime if we don't use it to help those who lack it or towards are very sustainable safe future?

Davince Koyo Nicodemus, Kenya - DRC Polio Eradication

Its an amazing experience for me and I look forward to future engagements.

Elesho Abidemi Oladimeji, Nigeria - [UN]Cultivated Earth Application Testing

Thank you for providing opportunity to volunteer in remote assistance to those in need. Great that it was put together prior to the disaster so that assistance could be provided and risk assessment could be done ASAP. Great work.

Eleza Boban Kollannur, India - Hurricane Matthew HOT Mapping

GISCorps volunteers are awesome! We learn from each other, we collaborate, and we increase our knowledge and skills while striving to help deliver the best to the missions we are involved in.

Sami Snunu, Canada - OSM Data Processing, Burundi

Mon expérience pour ce projet a été formidable, car en le faisant, à distance mon apport a contribué à sauver des vies.

Abedje Nesit Berenger, Côte d'Ivoire - OSM Digitizing, Sri Lanka Floods

The GISCorps does a fantastic job at bringing together highly skilled GIS professionals to support vulnerable projects in delivering their objectives. Keep up the great work guys.

Jason Wadsworth, Australia - TerraWatchers Archaeological Crowdsourcing

Volunteered geographic support is very good to increase resilience. Keep going the right way!

Giedrius Kaveckis, Italy - Hurricane Sandy Aerial Damage Assessment

Sharing our time and expertise in support of volunteer efforts worldwide is a professional development goal that all geospatial technology professionals should embrace.

Jason San Souci, GISP, USA - CartONG Vietnam


Being in the control room at the State EOC, I experienced the heartfelt appreciation expressed by the Governor and leaders in the Coast Guard, National Guard, Army, Civilian Air Patrol and many others who felt the positive impact of GIS. URISA should be very proud; the GISCorps and local universities, especially Talbot Brooks, should be credited with delivering FEMA's GIS mission in Mississippi.

Dick Kotapish, USA - Hurricane Katrina Relief Mission

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